Friday, February 29, 2008

Circle Lord Aztec template

The Aztec template comes in the regular size and the Mini-Aztec.
Each template can be used to make over 500 patterns.

Pattern sizes: 3" to 11.75"
Mini Aztec Pattern sizes: 2" to 8"

The Aztec Codex, a 50 page manual with diagrams and dimensions is available for $25.00

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Regular Aztec

"Love this effect around the hummingbird.
I'm using the Mini- Aztec template.
It isn't finished yet but just wanted to share"
Carol Lyon

"Here's the Relay for Life quilt I did. The ladies that came in said they wouldn't stipple or anything in the squares. The quilt is a little wrinkled from being folded up and stuffed into a plastic bag. Oh well, so far everyone loves it just the way it is."
Carol Lyon

Aztec quilt by Carol Oelrich

Aztec Sampler by Kay

Aztec and Gingko Sampler by Sharon Okimi

Piccasso quilt by Barb Cowan


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